How to Get Ready in 20 Minutes (or Less)

We all know that pressing ‘Snooze’ for those extra 5 minutes of much-needed sleep come with some consequences. Believe it or not, there are ways to master your morning routine in 20 minutes (or less) without looking like you just got ready in 20 minutes (or less)! Yes, it is possible to still wear your hair down and yes, it is possible to still wear makeup, and no, it’s not as impossible as you may think.

Here are my secrets:

1. Shower & prep your hair the night before.

Shave your legs in the PM and time off your routine in the AM. To avoid frizz, spritz in a product that does many beneficial things for your hair.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner is my personal favorite. When I use it before bed, I see a huge difference in my hair’s frizz, shine, and natural texture when compared to going straight from towel turban to pillow.

I continue to buy It’s a 10 is because it’s a product that does so much that I don’t need numerous products or an extensive, high-maintenance nighttime routine just for my hair. They sell Leave-In sprays for all different types of hair types, and I love that their ingredients are natural and recognizable — sunflower seed and green tea leaf extract, silk amino acids, Vitamin C, and more. After spraying it in your hair, just go to bed! And if the thoughts of waking up to your natural hair will give you nightmares, just put your damp hair into 2-4 braids and wake up to waves that would be described as ‘beautifully beauty’ rather than ‘messy bedhead.’

Moroccan Oil’s Original Treatment  is a ride-or-die of mine every morning after going to
sleep with damp hair. In the AM, I use a dime-sized dollop of oil and simply spread it through the ends of my hair and use it to pat down any unnecessary frizz and flyaways.

2. Lay out your outfit the night before.

Eliminate the morning stresses of deciding what to wear by simply doing it before bed. Ladies, we all know that this can strip at least 15 minutes off your morning routine. If you are lazy with that PM routine as well, at least think about an outfit in your head before drifting off.

Pro Tip: When shopping, or even spring cleaning your closet, make ‘staple outfits’ that are simple and that you know will always look good. Then, on those days when you need to hit that ‘Snooze’ just one more time, you won’t have to compensate on your appearance.

Taking that extra time in advance to save yourself time daily is beyond worth it. Plus, you are more likely to be positive and productive when you feel good in what you’re wearing. Nothing’s worse than having an off-morning when you don’t feel 100%, are running late, and are wearing an outfit that reflects that…we’ve all been there!

3. Do your makeup with double duty products.

Congratulations, you have gotten out of bed! At this point, you have gotten out of bed and are dressed, and it’s now time to do your makeup!

By using products smartly, you can maximize your time by keeping it simple while still enhancing your natural beauty and creating a look that will make you confident to conquer the day. (Not to mention you’ll be able to squeeze in a few more hours of beauty sleep!)

Here are some tips on how to look ready for work without having to do much work:

  • use a CC Cream

Supergoop’s CC Cream is my personal favorite because it has SPF on top of its moisturizing and foundation-like properties. I reach for a CC as opposed to a BB because I love having that added color correcting quality in the morning to hide any dark circles or redness! After washing my face, I can simply blend this in like I would a moisturizer and trade in the basket of face products for an all-in-one!

  • go for a lip AND cheek stain

Benefit Benetint masks a bendable, natural-looking flush in what appears as a bottle of nail polish. Although on the pricier side ($30 at Sephora), a little goes a loooong way, and I can assure you it will get you through at least 6 months of under 20-minute morning routines. What makes this tint my fave is that it’s simply that — a tint — so I can still use a chapstick throughout the day without the color going anywhere! Benefit carries a variety of shades to pick the one that best compliments your skin tone.

P.S. If you’re pale like me, Posie tint is the way to go! 😉

  • single swipe brows

Set your brows with a single swipe of Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel. I’ve been using this bad-boy for about 2 years now and I can attest that, although it’s small, it surely is mighty. As someone who is no nonsense about her brows, I love that this gel has a slight tint to make my brows fleek-y without having to worry about my lack of brow illustration abilities. It’s natural, and keeps my brows tame all day.

  • use a mascara for length AND volume

The last, and arguably most important, step in my makeup routine is the mascara. Lashblast Clump Crusher by Covergirl hasn’t let me down since middle school. It gives my lashes both length and volume so I can skip the eyelash curler and swipe on as much as I want without having to worry about clumps. Oh, and at only $6.99, no shame in buying two so I can throw one in my bag to use on the way to work for those days when 20 minutes just isn’t enough!

4. Keep breakfast simple.

Now that you’re all ready, pass on the elaborate omelette for breakfast for something simpler. Grab a breakfast bar, piece of fresh fruit, or cup of yogurt while on your way out instead. Or, you can up your pre-made breakfast game by hard-boiling eggs the night before or, for some major extra credit, you can bake a muffin tray of those frittatas that are constantly circulating around your Pinterest and Facebook feeds!

5. Organize your belongings.

All last-minute things you need, keep by the front door! Think ahead to prevent those missing-car-key panics and those morning searches for the other shoe. Keep a dish to place your keys into every time you step through the door, put your purse and coat on a hook in the closet, and lay out your shoes the night before! You’d be surprised how much time is spent in the morning simply looking for the little necessities!

6. Become an expert.

Now that you’ve taken all the steps, master them!

As everything does in its early stages, you’ll need time to adjust to your new morning routine. Get used to PM prep and you’ll surprise yourself at how little time you’ll need between opening your eyes and closing the door behind you on the way out!

Good luck, 😉

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