Fitness is Cute, Too

Growing up as a dancer had a huge impact on who I am today. Aside from teaching me what it takes to master a skill and gifting me with lifelong friends, I gained a passion for learning about my body — how to fuel it, nourish it, and move it in order to live healthfully. 

Since graduating high school and no longer having scheduled, implemented dance classes, I’ve now channeled that into a fitness regime. Others may say I’m addicted to the grind, but I’d just say I love moving my body in a positive way. I love having a huge space and filling it. I love bettering myself. Most of all, I love the high after accomplishing a physical task I set out to do, and that inner buzz of a good sweat that accompanies it…I’d like to say I’m good with words, but there really are none that describe that indescribable feeling.

Stay tuned for the circuits I do, fitness classes around Manhattan I take, and other on-the-go tips and tricks that do more than help me achieve physical goals — that also help me stay sane by giving me a sense of stability and consistency in this crazy life.

Until then, 

The Cutie Foodie

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