About Me

Hi! I’m Shannon! You may know me as @the_cutiefoodie on Instagram!

The Cutie Foodie did not spring about randomly; it began as an account to serve as a type of food journal for me as I set out to self-heal the host of gut and digestive issues I was experiencing after a work trip to Japan. Those ‘gut issues’ have since been diagnosed as SIBO — a small intestine bacterial overgrowth. 

This Instagram account has since inspired a love for cooking and recipe-testing in order to find ways to enjoy my favorite foods within the guidelines of my food restrictions, all while creating a sense of community that emphasizes the power of positivity and individuality over society’s toxic diet culture. This diet culture is something I fell victim to one too many times, and I know what it feels like to fight that losing battle against your own body, but I’m not ready to lose. I’m sharing my story (and continued journey) with you in hopes that I can be the voice I wish I had when first stepping into this battlefield. So if you are to tale anything away from what I am about to share, let it be that you are not alone.

Here’s my story:

Coming soon ~ working on making this perfect for you!