• Carrot Cake Bliss Bites

    Bliss bites and no-bake energy balls could easily be deemed the newest Insta foodie trend. As a busy gal myself, I can’t deny that such hassle-free recipes are perfect for a grab-n-go snack; but, with SIBO and leaky gut (which I will discuss more in-depth in a later blogpost!), such recipes usually do not agree with my combo of low FODMAP and SCD diet needs. Typically sweetened with honey or agave and filled with chia or flaxseed, I added bliss bites to what can, at times, feels like a never-ending list of foods my incredibly sensitive digestive tract simply cannot tolerate. But, that is not what my blog is about!…

  • 3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Squares

    As my first semester of online classes ends, I can ffiiinnnalllyyy start chipping away at the list of blog posts I had all intentions of posting months ago! Now that there aren’t any essays due to leave me drained and with writer’s block, here’s something chocolatey, fudgy, and rich to kick off the content on a sweet note! But hey, an easy and relatively healthy dessert recipe is always welcome, right?! Oh, and they’re vegan too!