• 3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Squares

    As my first semester of online classes ends, I can ffiiinnnalllyyy start chipping away at the list of blog posts I had all intentions of posting months ago! Now that there aren’t any essays due to leave me drained and with writer’s block, here’s something chocolatey, fudgy, and rich to kick off the content on a sweet note! But hey, an easy and relatively healthy dessert recipe is always welcome, right?! Oh, and they’re vegan too!

  • The Truth About Airplane Snacking: What to Eat

    I could tell you it’s easy to make healthy choices while traveling because ‘healthy’ is a lifestyle choice I committed myself to quite some time ago. But let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s difficult enough to sit through a 2-hour movie without needing something sweet to nibble on. Put me on a plane for triple+ that amount of time and forget about it! However, by prioritizing your health and putting in slightly more effort, there are simple methods to combat that bottomless airplane hunger. I have done my fair share of research and a common ‘tip’  (if it even qualifies as such) is to ‘evaluate: Are you actually hungry, or…